“I get stuck in, get my hands dirty & get stuff done.”

I'm the kind of product manager that likes to get involved in all aspects of the development. My technical experience supports intelligent decision making when it comes to system design, my strong background in design and user experience keeps the end user clearly at the front of everyone's mind and my broad range of skills means I can dig in and get things moving.

Requirements Analysis

Customer & end-user engagement
Operational problem solving
System & function flow design
Documenting requirements

Design & Prototyping

Creative & graphic design
Wireframing & storyboarding
Mockups & static prototypes
Interactive & functional prototypes

Front-end, UI & UX

Mockups & visual designs
UX, prototyping & user testing
Front-end build & implementation

Product Delivery

Quality assurance testing
End-user help & documentation
Customer liaison & support