I'm Dave Waller, and you've found my online home and playground. By day I'm a software solution designer and product manager, by night I'm an illustrator, designer, guitar enthusiast and hand-wired stompbox builder.

Recent Stuff

Project: Whiteboard

Providing progress visibility is an important part of my job (Software Product Manager) and in an effort to prevent senior management from needing to access complex issue management systems I had been using a large whiteboard in the office. If the need a quick snapshot of where the next release is, they can check the board.

Built in AngularJS with a simple PHP backend, Project: Whiteboard digitises the traditional whiteboard and provides a simple, clear view of progress across multiple developments.

The 52 Pedal Project Poster


Starting as a creative warmup exercise to balance the work days dominated by spreadsheets, the project brings together 52 of the world's most loved (and most desired) guitar pedals. Simplfied, stylised and digitally rendered, all 52 are presented on one striking poster.

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Big Fuzz Creation Process Timeplapse Video

Pedal Project Process Video

Follow the creation of a #52pedalproject illustration from scratchy, pencil sketch all the way through to glossy t-shirt mockup with this simple process timelapse.

I Like Big Fuzz... t-shirt design

I Like Big Fuzz…

…And I cannot lie. Smashing together a classic hip-hop lyric with the iconic design of the Big Muff fuzz pedal this t-shirt is a must for any guitar, pedal or fuzz afficienado.

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Awesome Guitar Pedal Stickers

Pedal Stickers

Celebrating the obsession that is guitar pedals and stompboxes, each sticker recreates a classic pedal in a simplified and stylised illustration. Grab a few to decorate your guitar case or amp, or grab a ton to create your ideal pedal board.

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Dust Bunny Mini Fuzz Pedal

Dust Bunny Fuzz Pedal

Built as a small-run original circuit, this pedal is a low-part analog fuzz that lets you range from creamy overdrive, through classic fuzz to doomy distortion. The internal volume control gives flexible boost control and the single gain knobs lets you dial in any of the fuzzy tones - including some unbiased sweet spots.

Skull of the Devourer t-shirt design

Skull of the Devourer

Combining pencil drawing with digital inking and finishing, the Skull of the Devourer t-shirt design is more traditional than some of my others. Drawing on classic horror illustration and t-shirt design for inspiration, this design is a steady favourite and looks awesome on black!

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Hellride Destruction Overdrive Pedal

Hellride Overdrive

Based on the classic, metal sound of Zakk Wylde, this pedal combines the MXR GT-OD with the even higher gain ZW-44 to provide awesomely tweakable tone with a great set of gain and clipping options. All finished off with a brushed aluminium enclosure and some battle-worn graphics.

A Handmade 5 String Banjo

Hand-built Banjo

Driven by a desire to create something tangible as opposed to digital, this project spanned over 12 months and took me from the proud owner of an 8-foot plank to novice banjo player. Featuring classic open-backed tuners, chrome hardware and a beautiful Remo head this project was a new challenge where the process was as much a reward as the finished instrument.

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